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VIDEO: EU reform deal may not come soon, says PM

David Cameron is warning that a deal on EU reform may not happen at a summit next month - the prime minister said it was more important to get it right than rush negotiations. Kamal Ahmed reports from Davos.

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Lew pushes for Puerto Rico debt deal

US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew urges Puerto Rico's creditors to make sacrifices to allow the territory to restructure its debt.

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Asian markets follow US sell-off

Asian shares tumble lower after a heavy sell-off on Wall Street made investors nervous about financial markets.

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EU probes state aid for Drax plant

The European Commission opens an investigation into whether a plan by Drax to convert its electricity-generating plant from coal to biomass breaches state aid rules.

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Trade talks: Germany urges openness

Germany urges the US to give German MPs access to key documents in the controversial EU-US trade talks known as TTIP.

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